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  • Frederick

Enhanced Program

Interim Director: Caitlin Blake

Email: caitlin.blake@msd.edu

2016-2017 End of Quarter Dates:
1st - 10/28; 2nd - 01/20; 3rd - 03/24; 4th - 05/03

2016-2017 Interim Dates: 10/05, 12/07, 02/22, 05/03


MSD Special Needs ClassSpecial Needs

On each campus, students of all ages who have varied additional mild to moderate disabilities benefit from curriculum and instructional modifications made to accommodate their individual needs. Comprehensive supporting services and therapies prepare these students to achieve to their maximum potential.

Program for Students with Emotional Disabilities

MSD’s daytime academic program meets a longstanding need to serve deaf and hard of hearing Maryland students who have an emotional disability. The program is provided in partnership with MSDE and Local School Systems. Students access MSD’s VSC curriculum while benefitting from additional support and services under the guidance of educators, psychologists, and a behavior specialist. For more information, please contact Lisa Brinks (Email: caitlin.blake@msd.edu or VP: (240-575-2934)

Life-Based Education (LBE) CurriculumScience Lab

This State-approved, accredited program meets the individual academic needs of students in the Special Needs Programs and promotes independent functioning. Core course content focuses on life preparation and job-readiness skills. Students also take vocational and trade classes. Whenever possible, students transition to MSD’s Voluntary State Curriculum.

Students who complete the LBE Curriculum receive a Certificate of Program Completion.



Program of Enhanced Services

In cooperation with MSDE and the child’s local school system, MSD serves students who have other moderate to severe disabilities, are medically fragile, or are developmentally delayed. All services are free. Students successfully integrate into the most appropriate level of academic programming for their needs with the help of…
  • Classroom teacher aides
  • Occupational and physical therapy
  • Speech sessions
  • Medical supports and services
  • Behavioral supports and intervention


Extended School Year Services

Based on the determination of the IEP team, a student with a disability may benefit from free special education services beyond the scheduled 180-day school calendar.

Shockley House

An outstanding advantage at MSD is the Shockley House, where five high school students at a time live for a semester. Students prepare to live independently or in a group home setting. They receive training in meal planning, grocery shopping, food preparation, household duties, personal financial planning and budgeting, time management, use of public transportation, and more.