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Student Service Learning


Coordinator: Vicki Kitsembel


Phone: 240-575-2339

Location: Ely Building


Student Service Learning

Graduation Requirement
Each student must contribute 75 hours of documented SSL to graduate.  You may start accruing after completing Grade 5.  You have an opportunity to contribute to your community, grow as a citizen and receive credit and recognition by participating in SSL activities outside the regular classroom. 

Follow the guidelines below and take advantage of the associated resources to plan, document and receive credit for your activity.

Seven Best Practices

  • Meet a recognized need in the community
  • Achieve curricular objectives through service learning
  • Reflect throughout the service learning experience
  • Develop student responsibility
  • Establish community partnerships
  • Plan ahead for service learning
  • Equip students with knowledge and skills for service

Three Phases 

  • Preparation –What did you do to prepare before this service?
  • Action – What did you do during this service?
  • Reflection –What did you accomplish or learn from this service experience?  

Service Learning Activities / Hours

  • It must be a nonprofit, tax exempt organization.   If the family member is the supervisor of the non-profit organization; then someone else needs to sign the form.
  • Students cannot earn SSL hours working in a profit owned business, including family owned business.
  • The minimum number of service learning activities per student is 3. 
  • One service learning hour must be awarded for one hour of service, maximum 8 hours per 24 hour period. 
  • Example of activities are After School Program (ASP), animal shelter, booster club events/concession, meal preparation for homeless shelter / senior citizens, political organizations, Senior Citizen events, sport manager (maximum of 30 hours per student per HS sport-season; 15 hours per student per MS sport-season – one time opportunity), and summer camp.

SSL Form - Step by Step Instruction (download SSL form)
Step 1 - Before you begin your service learning activity, you

  • meet with SSL coordinator.
  • discuss your selected SSL activity.
  • ask SSL coordinator for an approved signature on the form.

Step 2 - As you conduct your service learning activity, you

  • fill out the form (Activity Verification and Timesheet).
  • sign your name and date on the back of the form.
  • ask your site supervisor to sign and date on the back of the form.

Step 3 – After the completion of the form, you

  • submit it to the SSL coordinator.

Important Dates
Instructions – complete the SSL form legibly in blue or black ink and submit it to the SSL coordinator by the following deadlines:

  • Service completed during the summer - Last Friday in September
  • Service completed during 1st semester - First Friday in February
  • Service completed during 2nd semester - First Friday in June

Meritorious Service
Students who have contributed 150 hours or more to the community will receive a certificate and purple cord to be worn during their graduation.