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Meeting Minutes
September 5, 2008

Columbia Campus

MEMBERS PRESENT: Anjali Desai- Margolin; David Birnbaum; E. Bernard Palmer;
Barbara Raimondo, Esq.; Carol Stevens; Benjamin Bahan, Ph.D.; David Severn, Esq.;
Cynthia Neese-Bailes, Ph.D.; H. Mitchell Goldberg; Ernest Hairston, Ph.D.;
Connie Briscoe-Woodruff; Charles Poyer; Sandra Harriman; John Ertel, Ph.D.

MEMBERS ABSENT: Laurie Yaffe; William Bowman; Robin Kittleman


INTERPRETERS: Brenda Kelly-Frey; Roberta Quinn.

President Raimondo called the meeting to order at 9:12 am. Roll call was taken by passing around the roll call sheet. Introductions were made to the new newest member to the Board of Trustees, Roslyn Hannibal-Booker.

A MOTION was made to approve the agenda for the meeting – SECONDED – PASSED.

A MOTION was made to approve the May 16, 2008 minutes - SECONDED – PASSED.

President’s Report: The Board of Trustees will have three open seats after today’s meeting. Please make recommendations to the Board if you know of someone who would be interested in serving on the Board.

Vice President Report: No Report.

Secretary’s Report: No Report.

Treasurer’s Report: Absent

Superintendent’s Report: Mr. Tucker shared that this is MSD’s 141st year and going strong, maintaining enrollment at around 450 students at the Frederick and Columbia campuses.

The Capital Improvement Plan has been changed to include a bus loop for the Frederick Campus and to postpone the building of a new student center. The cafeteria plan will continue as planned but will no longer include a new student center. The student center will be revisited when the student cottages are being built.

The Superintendent shared that Monday January 5, 2009 is the goal date to open the doors to the new elementary school.

Mr. Tucker spoke of the new Spoken English initiative at Maryland School for the Deaf. MSD has four new students in the Frederick Campus Spoken English 1st grade class.  Mr. Tucker has been meeting with a support group made of parents of children with Cochlear Implants. The parents are interested in learning more about building a partnership with MSD.

Mr. Tucker shared that Jennie Montgomery, his Executive Associate, will be leaving MSD on October 10, 2008 to move to Seattle Washington with her husband.

Executive Committee Report: No Report

Education Committee Report: Cynthia Neese-Bailes reported that subsequent to last May;s Board meeting, the Executive Committee and Education Committee met to approve the proposal to increase the amount of Spoken English used in classes with young children with cochlear implants, as appropriate to the needs of the child.

Fiscal Matters/Facilities Management Committee Report: Chairperson Goldberg shared that the FM/FM committee had recently met with the Superintendent and Suzanne Schwertman to discuss three topics: the budget for fiscal year 2010, out-of-state tuition fees, and the naming of two MSD buildings.

Personnel Committee Report: Closed session with Elsie Durland to discuss the Superintendent’s 360-degree evaluation.

Student Life Committee: No Report

Trusteeship Committee:

  1. Chairperson Harriman passed out the resumes of three individuals for everyone to consider recommending them for appointment to the Board.
  2. Chairperson Harriman asked for the Board’s approval of the changes to the Bylaws.

A MOTION was made to approve the recommended changes to the Bylaws. SECONDED – PASSED.

Accreditation Committee: No Report


Suzanne Schwertman, MSD’s Chief Operating Officer, gave a report on the upcoming fiscal year 2010 budget plan.

Open Forum:

Rick Ballard, Assistant Principal & Dean of Students at the Columbia Campus, gave a presentation on MSD’s salary determination and requested that the Board of Trustees consider his recommendation of clarifying the determination procedure.
President Raimondo has asked the Personnel Committee to look into Mr. Ballard’s request.

New Business

  1. A MOTION was made to approve the recommended Fiscal Year 2010 budget plan. SECONDED – PASSED.

  2. A MOTION was made to approve the recommended Out-of-State Tuition costs for the 2008-2009 school year. SECONDED – PASSED.

  3. Mr. John Ertel was appointed FM/FM committee chairperson. Mr. Charlie Poyer was nominated as Secretary to the Board of Trustees.

A MOTION was made to adjourn the meeting– SECONDED – PASSED.

Respectfully submitted,

Anjali Desai-Margolin


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