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Meeting Minutes
November 20, 2009
Frederick Campus

MEMBERS PRESENT: Benjamin Bahan, Ph.D., Cynthia Neese-Bailes, Ph.D., William J. Bowman, Laurie Corcoran, John Ertel, Ph.D., Ernest Hairston, Ph.D., Roslyn Hannibal-Booker, Sandra Harriman, Robin Kittleman, Angela McCaskill, Ph.D., E. Bernard Palmer, Charles Poyer, Barbara Raimondo, Esq., Khadijat Rashid, Ph.D.

MEMBERS ABSENT: Connie Briscoe-Woodruff, David A. Severn, Esq., Heather Zeolla.


INTERPRETERS: Brenda Kelly Frey, Myra Foley.

President Benjamin Bahan, Ph.D. called the meeting to order at 9:13 a.m.

A MOTION was made to approve the Agenda – SECONDEDPASSED.

President’s Report:  Board President Benjamin Bahan, Ph.D. stated that MSD has gone through two crises and has turned those crises into opportunities to make positive changes. Dr. Bahan also noted that he would like to meet with all of the committee chairs to discuss what their plans are for the year.

Vice President’s Report:  No report.

Secretary’s Report:  No report.

Treasurer’s Report: William Bowman reported that the money handled by MSD Foundation has made changes in the money market as it was moved to a different investment company. Investments have gone down due to the slow economy.

Superintendent’s Report: Superintendent James Tucker asked that an incident be discussed during the Student Life Committee Report in Closed Session.

Mr. Tucker reported that the Veditz Building was broken into. Money and tools were stolen as well as a faculty member’s truck. The burglar was later caught attempting another break in just two blocks away near the Police Station. He was caught and confessed to the crime, and the truck was returned to the faculty member. The school is now keeping the gate in the back of campus locked on weekends and two floodlights were added. Teachers and staff are being cautioned not to leave money in their desks.

The new elementary school is open. The Governor and Lieutenant Governor visited the school on September 23rd. On October 15th a grand opening ceremony was held for the public.

Enrollment is up from 455 last year to 475 this year. Elementary school expanded as well as Middle School. Many High School students will graduate over the next two years. Family Education is growing and the new building is attracting people to the school. Erin Buck, the new Outreach Coordinator, is travelling extensively to participate in events around the country.

We now have a parent representative on the Special Education Statewide Advisory Council, required by IDEA. The majority representation are parents. Edna Johnston has been appointed.

A statewide task force has been created due to Lisa Kornberg’s efforts. This strategic planning group will work to better unify different areas to support deaf education in Maryland. A model being looked at is Pennsylvania’s task force which spells out a language plan on students’ IEPs. The Maryland group would like to consider adding a social plan as well as a psycho-social plan to the IEPs.

Superintendent Tucker reported that he met with the Superintendent Linda Burgee of Frederick County Public Schools to discuss admitting hearing students to MSD. Dr. Burgee is in favor of this. The key will be working out how students will be provided transportation.  This idea is just in the dialogue stage now. The plan would welcome hearing students as well as hearing students with disabilities.  The criteria would be fluency in ASL.

Executive Committee:  No report.

Education Committee:  The Education Committee visited the Spoken English class this morning. They will meet again at lunch with Martin O’Brien to discuss the foreign exchange student policy.

FM/FM Committee:  There is no financial report at this time. Gwena West will email is to John Ertel, Ph.D.

Personnel Committee:  The Superintendent’s goals are in the packet for review. Changes can be made prior to posting it on the website.

Trusteeship Committee:  The Board of Trustees has three new members: Angela McCaskill, Ph.D., Khadijat Rashid, Ph.D., Heather Zeolla.

Two new candidates have been submitted to the Governor’s Appointments Office.

Student Life Committee:  This committee met this morning with Mr. Tucker, Mr. Chad Baker and Dr. Bahan to discuss the incident which occurred in the dormitory.

A MOTION was made to go into Closed Session at 10:08 a.m. – SECONDEDPASSED.

A MOTION was made to end Closed Session at 11:25 a.m. – SECONDEDPASSED.

Committees Review:  The Board of Trustees committees are as follows:

Executive Committee: Benjamin Bahan, Ph.D.; Cynthia Neese-Bailes, Ph.D.; Charles Poyer, Jr.; William Bowman; John Ertel, Ph.D.; Roslyn Hannibal-Booker; Barbara Raimondo, Esq.;

Education Committee: Robin Kittleman, Chair; Laurie Corcoran; John Ertel, Ph.D.; Ernest Hairston, Ph.D.; Cynthia Neese-Bailes; Barbara Raimondo, Esq.;.

FM/FM Committee: John Ertel, Ph.D., Chair; William Bowman, Sandra Harriman,

Personnel Committee: David Severn, Esq., Chair; John Ertel, Ph.D.; Angela McCaskill, Ph.D.; Khadijat Rashid, Ph.D.

Student Life Committee: E. Bernard Palmer, Chair; Benjamin Bahan, Ph.D.; Connie Briscoe-Woodruff; Roslyn Hannibal Booker.

Trusteeship Committee: Sandra Harriman, Chair; Laurie Corcoran; Charles Poyer, Jr.

Open Forum: Parent Emily Shaw discussed how to implement the bilingual approach policy at MSD.

15 Year Master Plan Review by Suzanne Schwertman: Chief Operating Officer Ms. Schwertman presented a handout to the Board of Trustees and a Power Point Presentation.  The Master Plan is a living, breathing document to which changes are made as needed.

Funding requests must be submitted five years out from the project date.

The plan is to present this Master Plan to the community and then to bring it back to the Board of Trustees in May.

Progress Report by Lisa Houck: Principal Lisa Houck presented a Power Point of Frederick Campus’s Instructional Programs and Services. Ms. Houck explained the curricula, student assessments, graduation requirements, and departments at MSD Frederick Campus.

Old Business: William Bowman discussed the building naming committee. A name still needs to be determined for the new elementary school building. A letter will be sent to all parents, alumni and employees of MSD with a list of potential names to choose from and a short biography about each person. Then the Board of Trustees will make a decision at the May meeting and will recommend the name to the Board of Public Works.

A MOTION was made to approve the minutes as revised – SECONDED PASSED.

New Business: Mr. Tucker will seek ways to limit the number of Parent – Student Handbooks printed in the future and the Board of Trustees members will not receive a hard copy unless one is requested. The handbooks are posted on MSD’s website.

A MOTION was made to go into Closed Session to discuss the Superintendent’s Goals at 3:30 p.m. – SECONDEDPASSED.

A MOTION was made to exit Closed Session - SECONDEDPASSED.

A MOTION was made to adjourn at 4:00 p.m. – SECONDEDPASSED.

Respectfully submitted,

Charles Poyer, Jr.

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