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Meeting Minutes
February 19, 2010
Columbia Campus


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Cynthia Neese-Bailes, Ph.D., Charles Poyer, Connie Briscoe-Woodruff, John Ertel, Ph.D., Sandra N. Harriman, Robin Kittleman, E. Bernard Palmer, Barbara Raimondo, Esq., Khadijat Rashid, Ph.D., Heather Zeolla

MEMBERS ABSENT:  Benjamin Bahan, Ph.D., William J. Bowman, Laurie Corcoran, Ernest Hairston, Roslyn Hannibal-Booker, Angela McCaskill, Ph.D.


INTERPRETERS:  Brenda Kelly Frey, Bobbie Quinn

Vice-President Cynthia Neese-Bailes, Ph.D., called the meeting to order at 9:34 a.m.

Vice-President Cynthia Neese-Bailes explained that the reports would be heard first.

President’s Report:  Vice-President Cynthia Neese-Bailes provided Board President Benjamin Bahan’s, Ph.D. report in his absence.  Dr. Bahan met with several MSD staff to discuss the Bilingual approach and the role of English at both campuses.  It was a very positive talk and the Director of Curriculum is planning on exploring ways to develop both into the curriculum.  The Executive Committee met recently with the Personnel Committee and voted to accept the Superintendent’s goals, but some changes will be made on how Superintendent Tucker presents them.

Vice President’s Report:  No report.

Secretary’s Report:  No report.

Treasurer’s Report:  William Bowman sent a report that was distributed to all of the Board Members upon their arrival to the meeting.  An explanation was given concerning MSD funds as reported on the Treasurer’s Report in response to Board members questions.

Superintendent’s Report:  Superintendent James E. Tucker reported that MSD has exceeded its designated amount of snow days.  A discussion will be held after spring break to decide what needs to be done to recoup the lost time.  MSD will receive Federal Emergency Funds to help with the expenses incurred for snow removal. 

MSD is finished with all of the budget testimonies in Annapolis.  Things went well.  There will be no position cuts, but there will be flat funding for next fiscal year and a 2% salary reduction just as there was this fiscal year.  Capital Budget money will be used to finance a new bus loop for the Frederick Campus.  There will be a Community Forum held at the Frederick Campus to present and discuss the new bus loop.  It was suggested that the FM/FM committee should meet after the Community Forum to discuss the feedback from the Community Forum.

The Student Life Reform Committee continues to meet.  MSD will be conducting a nation-wide search for a new Dean of Students.  We are making plans for new students with additional needs.  There are currently 5 students enrolled in the Emotionally Disturbed (ED) program.  One student from this program has already successfully exited with a MSDE State Diploma.  No students from Public schools have transferred in to the ED program.  We are currently looking for off-campus housing for students who need the ED program but live far away.

Enrollment is healthy.  Four new students started just last week.  There is some concern about whether we will be able to replace the very large Graduating Class of 2011.

MSD is launching a new web-site and it will hopefully be released next week.

Executive Committee:  The Executive Committee met recently with the Personnel Committee and voted to accept Superintendent Tucker’s goals, but some changes will be made on how he presents them.

Education Committee:  No report.

FM/FM Committee:  Report given later in the meeting.

Personnel Committee:  No report.

Student Life Committee:  E. Bernard Palmer reported that the Student Life Committee is planning to meet in the near future to discuss possible changes to policies and procedures.

Trusteeship Committee:  The Board currently has sixteen members, three of which are new members, which leaves three vacancies to be filled.  Four different people have expressed interest in becoming Board members so the Trusteeship committee will meet with them individually and make a recommendation.  There was a discussion regarding the importance of recruiting an MSD alumni member and the possibility of allowing a student to either attend board meetings or serve on the Board.  A decision was made to have the Student Life Committee and the Trusteeship Committee discuss the idea and come to the next Board meeting with a recommendation.

An Overview of Programs and Services at MSD-Columbia by John Snavlin:  Principal John Snavlin presented a Power Point presentation on the programs and services offered at MSD Columbia Campus.  Of the one hundred students in attendance at the Columbia Campus, eighty are identified as special needs.  The goal of Columbia Campus for all of it’s students is inclusion.

A MOTION was made to approve the Agenda – SECONDEDPASSED.

A MOTION was made to approve the Minutes – SECONDEDPASSED  

Old Business:  The building naming committee was not able to meet so no action at this time regarding the naming of the new elementary building.

There was a discussion as to how to distribute the Parent-Student Handbook, either by paper copy or electronically on the web-site.

FM/FM Committee:  Dr. John Ertel provided a hand-out to all of the Board members entitled “Maryland School for the Deaf Foundation Investment Policy Statement.”  Dr. Ertel stated that the investments are doing as well as they can do in this economy and are yielding low consecutive returns.

Open Forum:  Lisa Kornberg, Director of the Governor’s Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, informed the Board that there are currently four separate bills up for consideration which would impact the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.  Ms. Kornberg urged people to show their support for the proposed bills.

A MOTION was made to adjourn at 1:20 p.m. – SECONDEDPASSED.



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