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Director: Michelle Bode, Au.D., CCC-A

VP: 240-575-2985
Telephone: 301-360-2045
Fax: 301-360-1403

Location: Kent-McCanner Building


Director: Jennifer Mertes - AuD, CCC-A
Email: jennifer.mertes@msd.edu

VP: 410-696-7441
Telephone: 410-696-3050
Fax: 410-480-4596

Location: Steiner Building

Speech & Language Services


Comprehensive Diagnostic assessments:  Provided as required by IDEA 2004 or more frequent as requested by parents.  These assessments include measurement of auditory status, audiograms for admissions/transfer/exit, and to report and communicate findings with all IEP team members.

Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant Services:  Recommend, program, fit/adjust, troubleshoot, secure repairs, verify performance, facilitation communication between MSD and outside Hearing & Speech-Language services.  Cochlear implant programming services, which include adjustments, troubleshooting, repair follow-up, verification of performance and collaboration between the student's implant hospital center and family. Programming services are not offered during the first year post implantation and thereafter serve as a supplement to services provided by the CI center.

Home visit:  Family education and support as well as private pre-school in-service workshops for children receiving support from our Family Education Program.

Assistive Technology:  Recommend, monitor, adjust and secure repairs for classroom listening enhancement systems and assist families in evaluating and selecting additional assistive technology for personal purchase.

In-service Training:  To MSD staff and community members regarding audiology, hearing aids, implantable technology and assistive technology.

Unique Networking Support

MSD staff has established ongoing networks with regional hospital implant centers, implant service providers and implant manufacturers.  These networks facilitate service coordination, promote education and information exchange, ensure the monitoring of student’s device and support both students and their families.  For each student who has a cochlear implant, MSD encourages and supports communication between the hospital center, rehabilitation specialists, parents, and MSD staff.