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VP Directory - FC

Hands On Video Relay Service

Videophone Directory - Frederick Campus

Phone Number
James E. Tucker Superintendent VP: 240-575-2975
Jennifer Lake Special Assistant to Superintendent VP: 240-575-2086
Kevin Strachan Assistant Superintendent/Principal VP: 240-575-2962
Jennifer Yost Ortiz Director of Student Affairs VP: 240-575-2927
Stacey Bundy Director of Student Achievement VP: 240-575-2983
Lori Moers Director of Curriculum & Instruction VP: 240-575-2938
Michele Muszynski School Secretary VP: 240-575-2966
Amy Pro Office Secretary P3: 240-575-3813
Lauralynn Salit Office Secretary VP: 240-575-2928
Joshua Weinstein Director of Admissions/
Student Support Service
VP: 240-575-2958
Lisa Brinks Director of Assessment & Data VP: 240-575-2934
Amy Mowl Grant Writer VP: 240-575-2413
Erin Buck Outreach Coordinator VP: 240-439-6953
Mark Denton IEP Coordinator VP: 240-575-2939
Laura Riddell IEP Coordinator VP: 240-575-2418
Charlene Ward-Marr IEP Administrator VP: 240-439-6568
Caitlin Blake Interim Director of Enhanced Services VP: 240-575-2937
Donna Vogeler Data Center VP: 240-575-2976
Transition Department
Jennifer Weeks Team Lead for Transition and Work to Learn VP: 240-575-2989
Chris McQuaid Lead Employment Specialist VP: 240-422-8183
Nechama Smith Employment Specialist VP: 240-575-2930
Jade Sims Employment Specialist VP: 240-575-3865
Vance Rewolinski Employment Specialist VP: 240-575-3770
Krystle Berrigan Transition Counselor VP: 240-367-9233
High School
Chet Virnig Assistant Principal (High School) VP: 240-575-2971
Lisa Schwarzenberger High School Office Secretary VP: 240-575-2946
Vicki Kitsembel Program Coordinator VP: 240-575-2339
Terri Dietz High School Behavior Support Specialist VP: 240-575-2982
Nancy Lewis High School Counselor VP: 240-575-2943
Tamara Majocha High School Counselor VP: 240-575-2984
High School Teachers' Lounge P3: 240-575-3838
Ely Teachers' Lounge P3: 240-575-3869
Middle School
Tara Holloway Assistant Principal (Middle School) VP: 240-575-2933
Katelyn McDonald Middle School Secretary VP: 240-575-2977
Tanya Perry Middle School Behavioral Specialist VP: 240-575-2932
Marjorie Sonnenstrahl Middle School Counselor VP: 240-575-2925
Middle School Teachers' Lounge P3: 240-575-3833
Elementary School
Sue Hill Assistant Principal (Elementary School) VP: 240-575-2942
P3: 240-575-3820
Penelope Miller Elementary School Secretary VP: 240-575-2954
Kelly Sicard Elementary School Behavioral Specialist VP: 240-575-2967
Neshmayda Bravin Elementary School Counselor VP: 240-575-2987
Elementary Library VP: 240-575-2964
Elementary Teachers' Lounge P3: 240-575-3823
Family Education
Karin Polzin Interim Assistant Principal (Family Ed.) VP: 240-439-6884
Sheryl Berrigan Secretary VP: 240-575-2924
Family Ed. Teacher's Lounge P3: 240-575-3817
CTE Department
Tara Finkle CTE Coordinator VP: 240-575-2929
Cheri Winnings Career & Technology Education Secretary VP: 240-575-2944
Carreer Technology Education Teachers' Lounge P3: 240-575-3848
Andy Bonheyo Athletic Director VP: 240-575-2926
Touria Ouahid-Boren Assistant Athletic Director VP: 240-575-2960
Mathis Hediger Athletics Team Leader VP: 240-575-2956
Peter Badavas Athletics/PE Secretary VP: 240-575-2978
James DeStefano Athletic Program Specialist VP: 240-439-6905
PE Teachers' Office (Elementary) P3: 240-575-3840
Student Life
Linda Stoltz Director of Student Life VP: 240-575-2923
Eren Boden Student Life Secretary VP: 240-575-2909
Susan Luttrell Middle/High School Girls Dorm Supervisor VP: 240-575-2949
Scott Perkins Middle/High School Boys Dorm Supervisor VP: 240-575-2953
Chris vonGarell Overnight Dorm Supervisor VP: 240-575-2988
Cliff Geffen Coordinator of Student Development VP: 240-575-2919
Faupel Hall (MS Girls Dorm) - 2nd Floor P3: 240-575-3781
Faupel Hall (MS Boys Dorm) - 1st Floor P3: 240-575-3783
Foxwell Moylan Hall (HS Boys Dorm) - Lobby P3: 240-575-3786
Foxwell Moylan Hall (HS Boys Dorm) - 2nd Floor P3: 240-575-3787
Foxwell Moylan Hall (HS Boys Dorm) - 3rd Floor P3: 240-575-3788
Klipp Hall (HS Girls Dorm) - Lobby P3: 240-575-3791
Klipp Hall (HS Girls Dorm) - 2nd Floor P3: 240-575-3792
Klipp Hall (HS Girls Dorm) - 3rd Floor P3: 240-575-3793
Shockley House 2(Staff) P3: 240-575-3020
Shockley House (Students) P3: 240-575-3795
Auxilliary Services
Katie Baker Student Support Service VP: 240-439-6984
Michele Bode Audiologist VP: 240-575-2985
P3: 240-575-3812
Larry Newman Publications Specialist VP: 240-575-2959
P3: 240-575-3861
Winnie Pryor Maintenance Secretary P3: 240-439-8303
Wayne Smith Housing Supervisor P3: 240-575-3796
Alex Simmons Webmaster/IT Technician P3: 240-575-3866
Student Health Center (Kent McCanner) VP: 240-575-2957
Tel: 301-360-2040
Satellite Student Health Center (Klipp Hall) VP: 240-575-2986
Tel: 301-360-2095